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Our Approach

Ignited by passion

Our passion is to inspire other people. We firmly believe that our intense emotion in achieving the highest quality of visual imagery was due to our compelling enthusiasm to touch our audience with the story we are telling.

Fueled by emotion

We believe that emotion is the driving force of our motivation. By bringing our positive (or negative) experiences generate a huge amount of energy that propel us to achieve a unique character to identify and record moments.

Challenged by imagination

Our obsession with ideas, stories and sophisticated equipment provides the means to operate at speed and scale, without compromising anything. We deliver the work that creates --- and redefines existing ones.

We exist to create
great memories
with our clients

What does kokobanana mean?

This is probably the most asked question when people meet us in person. So here goes... the word "koko" (from "coconut") represents the mind, the creativity.

"Banana", on the other hand, symbolises strength. It has been known as source of energy and power when eaten.

In our field, creativity and passion are two crucial and formidable things in capturing the best out of any situation. One may have creativity but without passion it misses the emotional aspect. It is said that emotions are the tangible things that we first share and receive. Intellect gives the much deeper meaning.

It rhymed, from there, it just ended up the name i used for all photography and artistic handles. And it has a nice symmetry visually. And people come up with great potential meanings for it. Yes, really, that's it.